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• 21’ wheelchair accessible Mk IV Wheelyboat
• Fully insured and licensed for use in Chichester Harbour, Langstone Harbour and The Solent (tbc) Seats up to 12 passengers including 4 wheelchair users
• Helmsman and 1 crew provided
• Lifejackets provided
• Roll-on, roll-off wheelchair access via drop-down bow door
• Wheelchair anchorage on deck and individual handrails for the more independent wheelchair user
• Drive-from-wheelchair console allows disabled people even with severe impairments to experience helming the Wheelyboat themselves
• Trips tailored to suit but pre-booking is essential
• No set fee—donations to cover running costs requested
• Accessible loos and level parking at both venues

This project would not have come about without the generosity of the following:
• The John Q Davis Memorial Fund
• Three Harbours and Coastal Plain LEADER Local Action Group
• Chichester Harbour Conservancy
• Sussex Community Foundation
• Alan & Jackie Stannah
• Ernest Kleinwort Charitable Trust
• Raymond & Blanche Lawson Charitable Trust
• Trefoil Trust
• Alchemy Foundation
• Aldershot Military Churches
• Raymarine